Aire – Chapter 1


The curious looks encountered drowsy ones as the crackling fire fought to stay alive for a few more minutes. Some had heard the story many times before, others listened in awe as the new world opened up before their eyes.

“In essence, nothing has changed. Good and evil still reign. Each in their own worlds which at times abruptly collide in the human mind, resulting in unnecessary pain and invisible scars.”

The younger ones were completely puzzled at this point. The words of the old man made no sense to them. Yet they knew it was not polite to openly show indifference. So they kept pretending to follow his story while gazing at the fire that was about to quench any moment now, bringing this long night to a much-needed close.

“When there is a separation between people, each side claims to be right, yet often both carry a burden of blame. Only united we can prosper again. My generation will not live to see that day, but you are the ones who can bring the change. But when that day comes, be careful and choose your allies wisely. Those who claim to be your friends are sometimes enemies in disguise.”

The last smoke rose from the extinguished flame, handing over to the starlight the duty of illuminating the night in Aire.


Enjoying the story so far? Can’t wait for the next Monday to read more? The full version of Aire is available as ebook on Amazon, iTunes, B&N for just $2.99 for a limited time. For lovers of paperbacks, Aire is also available on Amazon in this form. For readers outside USA, please search for the title ‘Aire’ by N.C. on your local Amazon or iTunes stores.

aire cover


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