AIRE – The first eco-romance novel

aire coverSome two centuries from our present time, the future we feared has become reality. Untamable climate change has taken its toll on the planet and shaken the technologically advanced society to the core. The extreme pollution and radiation have made the health care system dependent on the medical oxygen supplies and rare healing herbs imported from the last remaining natural reserve called Aire.

This isolated community is a home to Taya, a young woman who secretly wishes she could travel the world and at least once experience life outside of her secluded hometown.

As a result of a peculiar turn of events, Taya finds herself all alone for the first time in a strange city she does not belong in. Here, in the capital of the new world, she encounters a kind man who shares her values and passions. But, as their short romance unfolds, a cloud of danger hovers over her hometown.

Unaware of the environmental disaster that threatens to destroy Aire, she is torn between nostalgia for her home and the desire to stay with her soul mate, whom she might never see again if their contrasting worlds continue to drift apart.

Starting from tomorrow, each week you will be able to read two chapters from the book “Aire” right here on the blog. Please contribute with your comments. I am looking forward to hearing back from you!


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